4 Things we noticed in the A SKY BEYOND THE STORM cover that have us all ????????????


ICYMI Sabaa Tahir’s Ember 4 book cover, title, and release date HIT THE WORLD TODAY! A Sky Beyond the Storm is coming to shelves December 1, 2020 AND WE AREN’T READY.

But first, let’s talk. about. that. cover. 

We noticed some things. WE ARE CONCERNED.



1. Laia gears up!

First, go back and look at An Ember in the Ashes – LOOK!!


And then look at our girl now, she is FIERCE as per usual but she is wearing some SERIOUS AMOR!! Laia is ready to FIGHT!!

Someone hold us.


2. Elias, just hurts!

Every cover, Elias’s scowl gets heavier and heavier and this cover he is positively buried in his Soul Catcher mood. Elias NOOOOOOOO!!!

But, before all hope is lost, look at what he’s holding — look at the arm cuff?! Could that be his connection to Laia and something to hold on to in these super dark times??


3. Helene?

It started with Laia and Elias on the first Ember book and it’s going to end with them but JUST WHERE IS HELENE?? Is she okay?? Has she sacrificed herself for a greater cause? Is she off having a nice time with Harper? Only December can tell us!


4. That title though

Look, we’re prepared for hard times! We’re prepared for the darkness and crying along in a small dark room but this title, A Sky Beyond the Storm, dare we say it? Gives us hope?! Are we fools for believing that Sabaa won’t break us down – sure?! But with this being the final book in the series (DON’T TALK ABOUT IT), we have to believe someone has a happy ending…right?!


A Sky Beyond the Storm is coming to break you December 1, but you can pre-order it now 



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