• The cover of the book The Truths We Hold

    The Truths We Hold

    With the election only weeks away, I want to learn more about Senator Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee. As a Californian, I look forward to seeing how her time in the San Francisco Bay Area shaped her into the candidate she is today.


  • The cover of the book Know My Name

    Know My Name

    We live in a world that hates women. Misogyny and rape culture exists everywhere and is enshrined in our institutions and systems. I was blown away by Chanel Miller’s anonymous victim impact statement in the trial of the person convicted of sexually assaulting her in 2016. Each person’s story has power and Chanel’s is one example. I can’t wait to witness her power and evolution in this memoir.


  • The cover of the book A Promised Land

    A Promised Land

    First of all—there are two volumes in President Obama’s Presidential memoirs! The first one comes out November 17th, and I am super interested in reading a detailed personal account of his wins, losses, mistakes, lessons learned, regrets, and everything in between. Talk about brilliant timing.


  • The cover of the book River of Fire

    River of Fire

    What drives a person to become an activist and what is the relationship between faith, hope, and activism? Sister Helen Prejean’s Dead Man Walking changed the conversation about the death penalty. This time, her memoir delves into her own spiritual journey.


  • The cover of the book Finding Latinx

    Finding Latinx

    Identity is one key to political change. Disabled people aren’t a monolith and neither are Latinx people. I can’t wait to dig into the interviews conducted by journalist Paola Ramos and learn how the term “Latinx” can be used to mobilize and build political power among an incredibly diverse community.


  • The cover of the book No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference Deluxe Edition

    No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference Deluxe Edition

    Young people aren’t waiting for politicians to save them. They are organizing, speaking out, and doing everything they can to alert the world about the climate crisis. I greatly admire Greta as a fearless neurodivergent activist and cannot wait to dive into her speeches along with images from her protests in this book.