7 Vampire Books to Read Before You Die

Many of us readers stalk the night (usually because we keep saying we’ll go to bed after just one more chapter), but today we’re talking about the other kind creature who stalks the night. The swoony, immortal kind who tend to pop up in some of our favorite YA reads ever. VAMPIRES. And whether you read these classic YA novels back in the day or are just diving in now, we’ve got 7 vampire books, old and new, you need to read before you die (or become undead. You know. Like a vampire.)


1. Vampire Academy

Equal parts swoon and epic. Vampire Academy is a timeless series for the OG crowd of vampire fans out there. And, if you’re new, WELCOME TO VAMPIRE ACADEMY! Meet Rose, she belongs with Dimitri and ONLY Dimitri.


2. Twilight


Speaking of the way-back-when-vampire-fans, remember when the only thing anyone could talk about ever was Twilight? *cut to montage of reading the entire saga in one week*

Whether you’re here for the sparkly skin or prefer your vampires to burst into flames when in contact with sunlight, chances are you’ve got a copy of this oldie-but-goodie on you’re shelf! That brings us to…


3. The Beautiful


This book is the VAMPIRE COMEBACK! If you’re here for the gorgeous stay-out-of-the-sun type of vamps, watch out because your emotions are about to take a very big hit with The Beautiful. This vampire/historical fiction in New Orleans combo is going to make you SWOON. There’s also a lot of amazing food in it, so preferably read this one with snacks nearby. Coming October 8th! 


3. The Vampire Diaries


Shoutout to the iconic half-face book covers and the 8 seasons you KNOW you binge-watched.


4. Dracula


The one who started it all. Thanks, Bram Stoker.


6. Marked


A binge-ready series PLUS cool powers AND vampyre goddesses. Get ready to join the House of Night!


7. Bloodlines


Because you know what? You won’t be over Vampire Academy for a long time and Bloodlines will help.



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