Book Twitter is Getting Into the #ScaryStories Tag and Grady Hendrix is Scaring Us to Death Yet Again


Happy Halloween! To really give spooky season the send-off it deserves, we’re turning to some real-life scary stories. In lieu of a campfire, people have been spinning their yarns on Twitter, under the hashtag #ScaryStories, and Book Twitter is getting in on the action. Horror author, Under The Dome expert, and contributor Grady Hendrix went viral earlier this week with an utterly terrifying thread, prompting us to look through the hash-tag for true stories from fiction authors. Below are several from Hendrix, horror and dark fantasy author Alan Baxter, and romance author Miranda Dickinson.

In his now-viral submission for the approval of the Midnight Society, Hendrix told a story about a late-night snack run in his childhood with an unexpected twist. It begins innocuously enough, in the spring of ’81 with midnight munchies for leftover sweet-and-sour pork:

Prepare your most absorbent pants and read the rest of the story over at Hendrix’s Twitter.

Meanwhile, Alan Baxter went for a much more recent story that includes photographic evidence. This one starts on a book tour (which is how you know it’s going to be extra-spooky), and involves a late-night act of Good Samaritanship that doesn’t quite go as planned:

For the full story, and the photographic evidence, head over to Baxter’s Twitter.

Finally, Miranda Dickinson had one from her days as a nanny for a couple who lived in an “old, rambling house” straight out of The Turn of the Screw. Illustrated with some well-chosen GIFs, her story kicks off when the husband comes to check on the kids:

For the full story, head on over to Dickinson’s Twitter.

Since you can never be too scared, here’s a bonus one from Hendrix, complete with some truly spine-chilling pictures and footage:

WHAT DID SHE SEND?! Find out here.

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