• The cover of the book The Most of Nora Ephron

    The Most of Nora Ephron

    There is no writer (in my opinion) who has drawn humanity, love, humor, wit, and charm more saliently than Nora Ephron. Every rom-com aspires to her effortless charm, and Schitt’s Creek (while not really a rom-com), translates her playbook gracefully. If you swooned when Patrick sings Tina Turner to David, or shed a tear when Ted leaves for his veterinary excursion, you’ll appreciate a deep-dive into the queen of the heart-tug genre.


  • The cover of the book Obviously


    You may know (and love) Akilah Hughes from Pod Save America, her YouTube channel, or various bits across the funniest programs on TV, but her collection of essays is laugh-out-loud funny. She is able to provide grace and perspective through embarrassment, pathos through the pain, and always keeps it cute. Akilah’s beginnings in rural Kentucky to her growth in finding herself and success in her career will make you laugh and cry. The perfect combo for any Schitt’s Creek fan.


  • The cover of the book Dear Girls

    Dear Girls

    New in paperback, this book explores the ludacris tasks involved in parenting with the wit and warmth Moira Rose would bring to changing a diaper. Ali Wong’s letters to her daughters are a bit sharper and more acerbic than a feel-good episode of Schitt’s Creek (full disclosure), but the truths they spout fit the bill.


  • The cover of the book Dreyer's English

    Dreyer’s English

    Only a few folks in the world have as dynamic a mastery of the English language as Moira Rose, but Benjamin Dryer (Random House’s copy chief) might give her a run for her money. But now is not the time for pettifogging… This book is as witty and delightful as a chin-wag with Catherine O’Hara herself. But with this text, you might actually learn something.


  • The cover of the book This Book Will Make You Kinder

    This Book Will Make You Kinder

    From the creator of Drawings of Dogs, this book explores the everyday ways small acts of kindness can change us all for the better. We’re sure Ted would appreciate the inevitable puns, optimism, and dog doodles.