COVER REVEAL Flyy Girls #4 – Tobyn: The It Girl

Meet the Flyy Girls. The group of girls who seem like they can get away with anything. Veteran author Ashley Woodfolk pens a gorgeous and dynamic series of four Harlem high-schoolers, each facing a crossroads of friendship, family, and love. And today, we’re revealing the cover for the final book in the series. Get ready to meet Tobyn: The It Girl!

Scroll down to see the cover and read an exclusive Q&A with author Ashley Woodfolk!

Illustrator: Zharia Shinn


About Tobyn: The It Girl

Tobyn Wolfe knows she’s destined to be a rock star. She sings, she dances, and she’s got that “It” factor. Her dreams are even closer within her reach when she meets Maybe Someday–an incredible all-female band–during a night out with her older sister, Devyn. Joining their band would be the perfect way to show off her amazing vocals. It’s too bad her mom can’t see this. She wants Tobyn to go to college and become a serious musician, not follow in Devyn’s footsteps and wind up a struggling artist. Can Tobyn prove to her mom that she knows what’s best, or will her dreams end up becoming a horrible nightmare?


A Q&A with Ashley Woodfolk

Firstly, THESE COVERS! How do you feel about having them all together?!

The covers look gorgeous together, such a perfect set. Zharia Shinn really did the damn thing! I’m so happy and proud she was the artist on this project. Her collage style perfectly encapsulates the complicated lives of the characters in a bright, singular image. They’re just lovely


What is your favorite thing about each of the Flyy Girls?

Lux: her determination. The girl never gives up.

Micah: her quiet kindness. Even when she’s overwhelmed she always chooses to be kind.

Noelle: her honesty. Sometimes she’s honest to a fault but she never lies.

Tobyn: her brightness. She is a light in the dark.


Can you give us a hint of what’s to come in Tobyn’s story?

Tobyn loves to sing and is determined to be a star. But what happens when her single-minded determination blinds her to other important things happening with her family and friends?


What was your inspiration for the series? 

I wanted to write a series where black girls were allowed to be angry, and sad, and anxious and mean.  Where they were allowed to be big dreamers and full of hope. Where they were allowed to be fully human.

What is your current read?

Currently reading Every Body Looking by Candice Iloh.


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