• The cover of the book The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

    The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

    As expected, this novel is a dark, twisted reimagining of Shelley’s Frankenstein. I loved the feminist angle to White’s vision, and her lyrical prose. I’ve been a fan of White’s work since Paranormalcy and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this retelling.


  • The cover of the book The Cake House

    The Cake House

    This novel, a modern take on Hamlet, is cloaked in mystery and family dysfunction, as one would expect. It’s lovely and dark and urban-set, which makes it an amazing read to devour on a dreary day.


  • The cover of the book Emma: A Modern Retelling

    Emma: A Modern Retelling

    Even though I’ve seen countless retellings of Emma (Clueless, anyone?), this one had enough nods to the original to keep my Austen-loving-heart happy, while the new additions kept me captivated. Mini Coopers instead of carriages. Cappuccinos instead of tea. I absolutely loved McCall Smith’s crafty take.


  • The cover of the book The Golden House

    The Golden House

    The Great Gatsby is arguably one of the most beautifully written books in the English language, so Rushdie had quite the challenge in living up to my expectations. However, setting this retelling against our current cultural and political climate enhanced the appeal for me. I especially love that Fitzgerald’s narrator, Carraway, who is “both within and without”, has been transformed into a filmmaker. The parallels were made with care, and they’re perfect.


  • The cover of the book Jane Steele

    Jane Steele

    Of course, this novel is reimagining Jane Eyre, and it’s one that shouldn’t be missed. Orphaned and abused, Jane transforms into a heroic killer, punishing those who’ve done her wrong. However, the past must come to light—sins and secrets can’t stay buried for long.