• Gandhi

    Even Gandhi wasn’t perfect! Kathryn Tidrick’s biography of the revolutionary civil rights leader explores his public achievements in the light of his complex private life and personality. Underneath his conviction that politics and spirituality could work together was a potentially more troubling belief that he was born to save the world. Read about this all-too-human man, who nonetheless achieved great things.


  • The cover of the book American Wolf

    American Wolf

    For Ones whose principles include environmentalism or animal activism, American Wolf will be a riveting read. This novelistic account tells the true story of O-Six, an alpha female wolf who was one of many wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park by conservationists, in an effort to revive the nearly extinct population. Readers will see the complicated history and politics of the West, as O-Six is challenged by hunters, cattle ranchers, and the other Yellowstone wolves.


  • The cover of the book The Gift of Forgiveness

    The Gift of Forgiveness

    Because Ones value integrity, they have difficulty forgiving themselves and others for mistakes. Pratt tells stories of some epic forgiveness: from Elizabeth Smart, who forgave her captors, to Chris Williams, who forgave a teenager for the accident that killed his wife and child. The process of coming to forgiveness can be difficult, but ultimately, being able to let go leads to greater acceptance and inner peace.