• A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings

    Honeybees are vital to human survival, so those who tend hives are helpers for all of us. Helen Jukes’ story will touch the hearts of those who care about the relationships between humans and other members of the animal world. Jukes received a colony of honeybees as a gift from a friend after she moved to a new house in Oxford. As she embarks on her beekeeping journey, she learns everything she can about these fascinating creatures.


  • The cover of the book The Farm

    The Farm

    In this complicated, chilling imagined future of surrogacy, Ramos reminds us that not all “helpers” have much of a choice. On the luxury grounds of The Farm, women enjoy free organic food, massages, and personal trainers—all under heavy surveillance while dedicating themselves to producing the perfect baby for someone else. Jane needs the money she’s been promised once she delivers the baby, but she is determined to reconnect with her life and family in the outside world.


  • The cover of the book Untamed


    Generous giving is noble, and it is possible to care for both yourself and others. Unfortunately, though, many women falsely identify with type Two at first because cultural expectations have led them to consistently put others’ needs before their own. Untamed is a memoir and a wake-up call from a woman who learned how to stop sacrificing her own desires to fit expectations, and bravely follow her own voice to live a more fulfilling life.