The Starless Sea Book Club Discussion


This month’s book club pick was The Starless Sea—a stunning homage to books and libraries through a magical realism filter—and Read it Forward editors Abbe, Jess, and Emma were enchanted.

It all begins in Vermont when graduate student Zachary Ezra discovers a mysterious book featuring a tale from his own childhood. The quest to uncover this enigma leads him to an ancient hidden library that is guarded by otherworldly creatures. As he traverses this realm, Zachary learns how far these entities are willing to go in order to protect the archive and discovers the answer to a universal question that plagues the human condition—what is one’s purpose in life?

Watch the video below for a book discussion with the RIF editors as they exchange their thoughts on this magical read with one another. Let us know what you think by joining our Facebook Group. We look forward to hearing from you!


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