Discerning Grace Book Review | Candice Jarrett

[ad_1] Rating: ★★★★★ Title: Discerning GraceAuthor: Emma Lombard Book Review Discerning Grace is the debut novel of author Emma Lombard, also known as the #WritingCommunityMum, who has cultivated a loyal reader-base on Twitter and cleverly built her author platform prior to launching her first book. She’s brilliant, but today’s post isn’t about the author herself, … Read more

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner – Book Review

[ad_1] Rating: ★★★★★ Title: The Lost ApothecaryAuthor: Sarah Penner Book Review Like a bottle of poison, The Lost Apothecary should come with a warning label. WARNING: May cause insomnia and drowsiness the next day at work because you could not put this book down and read it until all hours of the night. Side effects … Read more

Delirium by Lauren Oliver – Book Review

[ad_1] Rating: ★★1/2 Title: DeliriumAuthor: Lauren Oliver Book Review I loved the premise of Delirium so much – and there was some fantastic world building in here – but the main character killed the story for me (More on that in the spoilers section of this review below. Keep scrolling down if you want to … Read more

In Love and Pajamas Book Review

In Love and Pajamas Book Review

[ad_1] Rating: ★★★★★ Title: In Love and Pajamas Author: Catana Chetwynd Book Review Full Disclosure: I both read the comic and am now writing this review whilst wearing fuzzy pajama pants. If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. My thoughts about “In Love & Pajamas” : THIS IS TOO ADORABLE!!! I definitely … Read more

Thunderhead (Scythe #2) Book Review

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman Book Review

[ad_1] Rating: ★★★★★ Title: Thunderhead Author: Neal Shusterman Non-Spoiler Book Review *** Please note, this book review is for the sequel to Scythe. If you have not read that book, please see my review for the first book in the series here.  Stunned. My brain is reeling from the end of this book. I’m not … Read more

Fae Child by Jane-Holly Meissner Book Review

Fae Child Book Review

[ad_1] Rating: ★★★★★ Title: Fae Child Author: Jane-Holly Meissner Book Review Fae Child is a story about an eight year old little girl who finds herself in the land of the fairies which is ruled by two powerful queens. Each queen rules over her own realm, the lands of Summer and Winter. If Abby has … Read more

Skyward Book Review | Candice Jarrett

Skyward Book Review

[ad_1] Rating: ★★★★★ Title: Skyward Author: Brandon Sanderson Non-Spoiler Book Review WOW. just… WOW. This wasn’t a book. This was an experience. Skyward is a heart-pounding adventure that will make you feel like a star fighter. I was completely swept up in this incredible world and colorful characters. I laughed out loud. I worried. I smirked. I … Read more

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meye – Book Review

Midnight Sun Book Review

[ad_1] Rating: ★★★★★ Title: Midnight Sun Author: Stephenie Meyer Book Review Midnight Sun is a fantastic addition to the Twilight Universe that I didn’t know the world needed. I read the entire Twilight series for the first time in 2019, so I’m hardly the typical fan, but I remember thinking at the end of Breaking … Read more

I don’t love Harry Potter – Book Review

I don't love Harry Potter

[ad_1] I’ve seen many blogs and Booktube videos about how Harry Potter inspired a whole generation of new authors to dedicate their lives to writing. That’s positively wonderful, and I’m truly happy for them that they were inspired to begin their author journeys from reading those books. There’s no doubt that HP has changed the … Read more